Sunday, 24 July 2011

Outlaw Ironman Distance Triathlon - 24 July 2011

1st ever Ironman Distance Race

Had lost motivation in weeks leading up to race so did not have the best taper Period. However i felt good going into race

Pre race
Up at 2.30 for breakfast, had peanut butter bagel and tin of rice pudding.
Got to venue about half four to finish setting up.
Had a SIS energy drink about 45 mins before and a torq gel about ten minutes before.

Started at 6.00am and started reasonably near the front, took it really easy on swim as aimed not to get out of breath at all. Felt really comfortable and strong and started to make ground up on people (including the relay teams)

Swim time= 1:02:05, was actually 29th in the swim including relay teams so was pretty chuffed.

Was relatively calm in T1 as not many people around. Was good as managed to get HR to drop and even managed to get a seat

T1 time = 4:48

Felt good getting on bikes and soon settled into HR Z1. Biking is always the weakest one and and started to get people passing me but kept focused on my race plan which was 0-30 miles @ Z1, 30-60 @ Z1-2, 60-90 @ Z2, 90-112 @Z2.

I kept in Z1 for 0-30 and then few Z2 efforts in 30-60, However the course was really windy especially on slow uphill out the back of the laps. Could only really manage Z1-2 on 60-90. Was planning on a final push at 90-112 but pulled over for toilet at 90 miles at side of raod and had BTF motorcycle pull and and take my number with the quote that it depends on race organiser if i would be disqualified. Well head went completely there are was thinking whats the point in pushing for last 22 miles only to be pulled of the course. Just kept to Z1.

Nutrition went according to plan which was
0-20 mins - only water
20-40 mins - 2/3 of Power bar & water
40-60 mins - 2/3 of Power bar & water
60-80 mins - 2/3 of Power bar & water
every 20 mins thereafter was Powerbar Gel and water with SIS electrolyte.

Had to go to toilet a lot though but thought better to be hydrated (about every hour)

Average Speed = 18.5mph
Total time = 6:03:43

Was really nervous going in just in case i was stopped and pulled off the course. However this did not happen. Felt OK during T2, got changed efficiently not rushing, had to go toilet again though for No.1 but was looking forward to getting onto marathon as i always worry about biking.

T2 time = 4:21

Felt good starting off but did not want to set of to fast as thought would pay for it later. First half of the marathon went off pretty well, alternated between SIS gels and water. Around the half way mark it started to get hard so started incorporating coke at the aid stations (which i was now walking through. from 18-24 was a bit of a nightmare but carried on running and pushed through it as the last 1 1/2 was around the lake which was good as its not to bad when you can see the finish.

Run Time = 04:07:30

Total time = 11:22:26
Position = 104th
Age Group position = 8th

And there it was the finish line, felt really good to finish especially within my target time of 12 hours. Was good to have Sam, Damien, Elaine, Rachel and Ben at the end as was pretty spaced out.

Things that went well
- Good swim
- Good pacing throughout the day
- Nutrition plan seemed to work pretty well

Things to improve
- Biking (both endurnace and Muscular endurance) including time on TT bars, this should help running as well.
- Mental aspect as got affected by the BTF bike taking my name (could of got under 6 hours for bike otherwise)
- Could of perhaps pushed a bit harder in run but did not want to blow up

Sunday, 5 June 2011

Challenge Kraichgau - 5 June 2011

Half Ironman in Germany with Dave S

Travelled out on Thursday morning getting the Ferry and stopping overnight in Reims, France for a night (had an amazing steak). Finhsed Journey to the Kraichgau region on the Friday. Ended up staying at a hotel in a service station near the swim start. Area was stunning although surprisingly hilly.

Had usual pre race breakfast of rice pudding and peanut butter bagel.

Started in 3rd wave at 9.40 (bit or a lie in to normal half ironmans)
FOgeot to buy new googles and so they immediatley steamed up meaning i could not see that far ahead.
Swim was 1 lap oif the lake (this was stunning) so ended up mostly following people although i got a bit confused at one point and started heading of the wrong side of the buoy. Ended up ctaching up a few people from wave in front (started 20mins ahead)

Swim time = 29:53

Found T1 bag quickly and normal change time really, no real problems

T1 time = 2:46

I only ofund out that this was a hilly course about a week before, course had 1000m ascent (3200ft). it did start off with a 10k flat section which was good as could ease into it, however it had started to get warm already and this started to take a toll really although tried to keep HR in Z2 moving up to Z3 half way through. Did not feel to bad when i finished though

Bike time = 2:54:21

T2 = 1:51

Starting to get up to 30 degrees now. Run was three laps and start running downhill so felt really good and the thought of a sub 1:30 and sub 5:00 crossed my mind, however this went at the trunaround and had to start going uphill. Still felt strong though although but just could not go fatser (understandable as training for longer).
Heat was starting to play its part so started to struggle a bit, also had a bit if high five on run whihc did not sit right. However plough through in the end to finish, also the prosopect of dave chasing me down on run kept me going.

Run time = 1:40:32

Total Time = 5:09:22
Places = 421 out of males out of 1334, 51st in age group
Pretty happy with placings as included pros and was the German National Championship
Managed to beat Dave by 10mins as well which was good

Really good race this one, enjoyed it a lot despite hills on bike and heat.
Was a really well supported race on closed raod, biggest crowds i have experineced.
Would do this again

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Midland Monster Sportive - 22nd May

Injury had been ok so decided to do 101 mile sportive

Started near Burton and went up through peaks to just past Leek.

Very windy, almost unridable really.

Total climb = 1594 m (5229ft)

Had an absolute disaster,got two punctures in first 35 miles and had to wait for service motorbike. Then at around 80 miles i crashed, went past a farm access and wind took me, road rash all down right hand side and sore shoulder and hand. Managed to finish though in 7.30.24. Not to bad considering amount of incidents and also two food stops

Monday, 16 May 2011


Have been injured since 4th May, it is the same knee injury as last time.

Have been doing knee strength exercises every day and been icing.

Went on a small 4 mile run yesterday and knee seems to be ok now. Will start easy training.

Starting to get a bit worried about half ironman on 5th June. hopefully should be ok. have done enough training and need to remember that i have the endurance as longest distances so far have been:

Swim - 5.4k
Bike - 106miles
Run - 20.5 miles

Need to ensure take it easy for next few weeks and rest if hurting.

Sunday, 1 May 2011

Southwell Sprint Triathlon - 1st May 2011


This was not the best as been of the rails in last two weeks although completed all sessions in recovery week although had big night out on Friday.

1 Bagel with peanut Butter
1 can of low fat rice pudding

Seemed to work pretty well although hard to tell as short race - will try this for Challenge Kraichgau

Course & Conditions
Had a few hills in isolated spots, 1st and last 3 miles on bike and 1st 400m of lap run was all uphill.

Very strong wind, race write up on website described it as gale, was quite demoralising on bike


57:18 (37th out of 583, 6th in age group)

Swim - 6:47 (39th)
Struggled with fats pace as not been training for longer and slower - had to stop doing tumble turns half way through to get extra breath.

T1 - 1:08
Was OK although fell over as soon as i hit the grass from the mats which was pretty embarrassing

Bike - 30.33 (58th)
This was a big improvement, kept HR mostly in Z3 and Z4, average speed was 21.4 mph which i am happy with considering the wind on the way back, took over a few people and only got taken over once and he was in my wave and did not let him get away (Got him in 1st 200m of run)

T2 - 00:42
Was a good quick transition, left shoes in bike which was a lot quicker for dismounting

Run - 18:08 (47th)
A little bit disappointed with this as seemed to lose focus although as C priority race was probably for the best

Average pace = 6:27/miles
Felt like i had more to give at the end

Did not have any nutritional stuff, had 1 bottle of squash on bike

- Felt absolutely fine after, good indicator of a lot more to give
- Improvements in Biking
- Managed to leave bike shoes on bike for T2

- Was only a short race so could not see if breakfast worked properly
- Still slow in T1
- Lost focus in run and therefore lost time
- Inner thigh was painful on bike

Sunday, 3 April 2011

Belvoir Half Marathon - 3rd April 2011

This was at the end of a recovery week so felt pretty fresh but only wanted to treat as B or even C priority race as would be back in training the next day.

Had two Peanut Butter bagels which seems to work well.

Course and Conditions
It is a pretty flat route with a few undulating parts but nothing major and it was actually really warm for they time of year.

Ended up with 1:26:43 (Average = 6:35/mile), was 40 seconds of a pb which considering i was not pushing as hard as perhaps i could of was a good result and one that i was pleased with.

Was 43rd out of 589 overall so was in top 10% which i was happy with.

Mile splits were as follows:

5:18 For remainder

miles 9,10,11 and 12 were where it was harder and i did not want to push it as needed to think of the bigger picture

Had 3 torq gels but had slight stomach ache from those so think will stick to SIS gels

Overall a good and enjoyable race with a medal at the end of it.

- Running coming on strong
- Good solid time considering not an A priority race
- went on 42 mile bike day before so good endurance

- Torq gels which had worked in training did not work as well as SIS
- Started to doubt myself in some parts of race - need to work on a more positive attitude

Now on to Base 2....

Monday, 7 March 2011

Clumber Park Race Report Saturday 5 March 2011

Standard Distance Duathlon (British Championships)
Total Time = 2:10:32
Finished 106 out of 366 finishers (plus 31 non finishers)

WAKE UP TIME: 5:30am
Felt rested after recovery week

- Bagel with Peanet butter @ 6:00am
- Powerbar @ 7:00am
Actually started to feel hungry just before race but was ok during the race

START TIME: 9:00am

1ST RUN - 39:00 123rd
Thought I would try and take it easy on 1st run but felt really good and strong so pushed the pace. Ended up nearly brealing stand alone 10k pb. Felt good at end which shows by faster last mile.
Had one SIS gel before start and one SIS get at 3 mile mark.
Average pace = 6:29/miles


BIKE - 1:09:34 132nd
Felt a lot stronger on my bike than normal which showed as took around 5:00 of my 40k pb time. Was an undulating course but not steep hills. Had Powerbar gel about ten minuets in and then one at hakf way. Also had 1 750ml bottle of squash.
Average 20.4mph
Average HR = 153bpm

Still need to push a bit harder on bike as average in Z2 and shoudl probably be up in Z3 or possibly Z4

2ND RUN - 19:35 68th
Average = 6:28/mi
Was similar pace to 1st run so was happy with endurance level. Even managed to overtake someone in GB vest at the end in age group below.

- breakfast worked well (perhaps have two for longer events)
- Endurance was good as shown by similar pace on both runs
- Biking has improved
- Stayed on tribars for lot of bike
- Running of bike was fast
- Race week Taper worked as felt fresh

- Need to learn to push it more in bike when needed, not neccessarily for start of ironman but towards the end
- Work on biking on undulating route
- Core as back was starting to hurt on bike towards the end