Sunday, 5 June 2011

Challenge Kraichgau - 5 June 2011

Half Ironman in Germany with Dave S

Travelled out on Thursday morning getting the Ferry and stopping overnight in Reims, France for a night (had an amazing steak). Finhsed Journey to the Kraichgau region on the Friday. Ended up staying at a hotel in a service station near the swim start. Area was stunning although surprisingly hilly.

Had usual pre race breakfast of rice pudding and peanut butter bagel.

Started in 3rd wave at 9.40 (bit or a lie in to normal half ironmans)
FOgeot to buy new googles and so they immediatley steamed up meaning i could not see that far ahead.
Swim was 1 lap oif the lake (this was stunning) so ended up mostly following people although i got a bit confused at one point and started heading of the wrong side of the buoy. Ended up ctaching up a few people from wave in front (started 20mins ahead)

Swim time = 29:53

Found T1 bag quickly and normal change time really, no real problems

T1 time = 2:46

I only ofund out that this was a hilly course about a week before, course had 1000m ascent (3200ft). it did start off with a 10k flat section which was good as could ease into it, however it had started to get warm already and this started to take a toll really although tried to keep HR in Z2 moving up to Z3 half way through. Did not feel to bad when i finished though

Bike time = 2:54:21

T2 = 1:51

Starting to get up to 30 degrees now. Run was three laps and start running downhill so felt really good and the thought of a sub 1:30 and sub 5:00 crossed my mind, however this went at the trunaround and had to start going uphill. Still felt strong though although but just could not go fatser (understandable as training for longer).
Heat was starting to play its part so started to struggle a bit, also had a bit if high five on run whihc did not sit right. However plough through in the end to finish, also the prosopect of dave chasing me down on run kept me going.

Run time = 1:40:32

Total Time = 5:09:22
Places = 421 out of males out of 1334, 51st in age group
Pretty happy with placings as included pros and was the German National Championship
Managed to beat Dave by 10mins as well which was good

Really good race this one, enjoyed it a lot despite hills on bike and heat.
Was a really well supported race on closed raod, biggest crowds i have experineced.
Would do this again

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