Sunday, 1 May 2011

Southwell Sprint Triathlon - 1st May 2011


This was not the best as been of the rails in last two weeks although completed all sessions in recovery week although had big night out on Friday.

1 Bagel with peanut Butter
1 can of low fat rice pudding

Seemed to work pretty well although hard to tell as short race - will try this for Challenge Kraichgau

Course & Conditions
Had a few hills in isolated spots, 1st and last 3 miles on bike and 1st 400m of lap run was all uphill.

Very strong wind, race write up on website described it as gale, was quite demoralising on bike


57:18 (37th out of 583, 6th in age group)

Swim - 6:47 (39th)
Struggled with fats pace as not been training for longer and slower - had to stop doing tumble turns half way through to get extra breath.

T1 - 1:08
Was OK although fell over as soon as i hit the grass from the mats which was pretty embarrassing

Bike - 30.33 (58th)
This was a big improvement, kept HR mostly in Z3 and Z4, average speed was 21.4 mph which i am happy with considering the wind on the way back, took over a few people and only got taken over once and he was in my wave and did not let him get away (Got him in 1st 200m of run)

T2 - 00:42
Was a good quick transition, left shoes in bike which was a lot quicker for dismounting

Run - 18:08 (47th)
A little bit disappointed with this as seemed to lose focus although as C priority race was probably for the best

Average pace = 6:27/miles
Felt like i had more to give at the end

Did not have any nutritional stuff, had 1 bottle of squash on bike

- Felt absolutely fine after, good indicator of a lot more to give
- Improvements in Biking
- Managed to leave bike shoes on bike for T2

- Was only a short race so could not see if breakfast worked properly
- Still slow in T1
- Lost focus in run and therefore lost time
- Inner thigh was painful on bike

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